As an extra safety for our customers we offer an international 5 year warranty on our products.

It's important to us that our products reflects quality and durability. We work hard to design and manufacture products that are sustainable, and that components can be replaced without discarding the whole product.

Warranty Terms

All Brewtools products are sold with a 5 year warranty assuming normal use and maintenance as described in the products user manual. Components that are especially vulnerable to incorrect use are subject to case-by-case evaluation. This mainly applies to pumps and heating elements, as they are not made to be used without liquids. Other cases where user error clearly is the cause to faults or damage is not covered by the warranty.

Wearing parts like silicone tubes, gaskets, o-rings and valve bushings made from PTFE is not covered by the warranty.

Control systems not in use, should be disconnected from the power grid by unplugging all power input cables. External factors like over-voltage or faults in the locations electrical system that causes the control system or other components to fail is not covered by the warranty.

Cleaning solutions or other chemicals must be made for the purpose of cleaning the materials used. Damage or faults in materials or components due to incorrect use of chemicals is not covered by the warranty.

If a product fails or issues occur, please contact the point of purchase. The seller and/or manufacturer reserves the right to charge the owner for the shipping cost related to solving the warranty case. If a direct replacement part is not available, an equal product in the same price category will be offered.

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and requires a valid purchase reciept if the seller or manufacturer cannot confirm the date of purchase.

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