Overflow pipe kit

Safety solution for mashing

Our overflow pipe is an accessory kit that will assist in limiting the risk of exposing the heating elements in an event of stuck mash or too much flow over the grain bed. The principle is simple. If the flow up the center pipe and over the grain bed is greater than what naturally drains through the grain bed, the liquid level will increase and drain through the overflow pipe and end up in the bottom of the tank. This way it is more unlikely that the malt pipe will overflow and end up exposing the heating elements.

Note! The overflow pipe will have limited capacity compared to the powerful pump. The system limits the risk but is not a 100% guarantee to avoid exposing heating elements.

The overflow pipe kit is designed with three different length of telescopic pipes and will fit both B40pro, B80pro and B150pro.

To use this product, a laser cut filter is recommended, but you can also punch a hole in the expanded metal filter to use it. Use the 25mm hole punch.


Use a hammer and a blunt object to carefully punch out the hole in the laser cut filter, or make a hole in your filter with the hole punch.

Mount the base pipe with threads in the filter hole and fasten the nut. A gasket is not needed. Based on what brewing system you have and where the expected grain bed level will be, select one of the three extension pipes. Use the silicone joint grommet to hold the base pipe and the selected extension pipe together. Choose the filter you would like to use and insert it into the filter holder and mount the cap on top.

In use

We recommend setting the filter a bit too high before adding the malt. When the malt is well mixed in, push the filter downwards to where you want it to be. Extending it afterwards is not recommended.

When sparging, make sure the sparge water level is not getting too high to avoid it from draining through the overflow pipe.

Included in the box

  • 1 pcs Base pipe with M24 threads, 180mm (fits laser cut filter)

  • 1 pcs M24 hole cover (Fits the hole in the laser cut filter if the overflow pipe is not in use).

  • 1 pcs M24 nut

  • 1 pcs Extension pipe 20cm

  • 1 pcs Extension pipe 30cm

  • 1 pcs Extension pipe 40cm

  • 1 pcs Silicone joint grommet (fits between the base pipe and the extension pipe)

  • 1 pcs Silicone holder for filter

  • 1 pcs Filter expanded metal (fine) Ø30mm

  • 1 pcs Filter expanded metal (coarse) Ø30mm

  • 1 pcs Filter laser cut Ø30mm

  • 1 pcs Silicone top cap for filter

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