The selected sensor is showing N/A

If the selected sensor shows N/A on the display, it means the system isn’t reading the sensor. Check the connection and restart the system. If the problem persists, contact the dealer or manufacturer.

Why is the tank and pump sensor showing different temperatures?

The temperature sensor in the pump outlet can be affected by ambient temperatures and will normally show a lower value than the tank sensor. You can correct for this in the software (see the online manual). If you think the sensors have a problem, leave the system in a room with a stable ambient temperature overnight, and check the sensors in an empty system.

I do not get any readings from my 4th sensor (500mm mash sensor)?

  • Make sure you are running firmware version 1.6.1 or newer.
  • Restart the system after the sensor has been plugged into the AUX port on the controller.
  • Open Manual mode and toggle the upper left circular button twice to bring up the sensor reading. Read more about the control system by clicking the link below.