Steam hat

Our pro steam hats are designed for maximum flexibility. The steam hat is made for a steam condenser (accessory) or connect a ventilation duct to remove steam and smell during the brewday - especially the boiling phase. It also allows for use of CIP cleaning adapters.

The 110mm inspection hole is useful when adding boil additions or keep an eye on the boiling process.

Included in the box

  • Steam Hat

  • Silicone plug for the 110mm inspection hole

  • Lid seal (silicone)

You also need

  • TC 4" clamp

  • TC 4" gasket

The following accessories can be used:

  • TC 4’’ flange for 100mm Ventilation duct.

  • Steam Condenser

  • TC 4" CIP adapter and CIP ball for cleaning

The steam hat comes with four clamps to clamp it to the kettle. This is useful when the steam condenser is mounted on top to secure it.

The steam hat is not insulated and can get very hot. Use the fixed, rubberized handles to avoid burns.

Hot steam can escape if the silicone plug is removed while the system is in use. Make sure to keep hands and face at distance before removing the plug.

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