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Brewtools is a Norwegian brand known for high quality products made without compromise.The products are flexible and can, in many was, be customized by the user. The idea behind the products are that they should be well thought out and that users can set up products to their liking. The products are normally not recommended for beginners, unless they are dedicated to the craft.

"Sustainable Innovation" is our core vision. This means that we make sturdy products that are meant to last a lifetime. Most components on our products can be replaced easily and parts are readily available. Based on our high quality standard, we offer a 5 year warranty on all our products. Read more about the warranty here.

We work closely with our customers and partners. We actively listen to design and offer improvements on existing products and developing new products based on customer requests.

We work closely with our amazing manufacturing partners that make the parts we design. The components are made by people that love what they do. We love using high quality parts that are made to last a lifetime. We assemble and test all our brewing systems in our own workshop in Grimstad in the south of Norway. We've been advised against assembling everything in Norway, but we will never compromise on this. You should never worry about the quality, and if something were to happen, we have parts ready to ship immediately.

The first Brewtools branded products were the B40pro and the B80pro. We shipped the first 100 systems in November 2018. This marked the start of an adventure and since then we've made a lot of improvements, tons of accessories and we've now also launched our Unitanks.

The control systems we make will always be at the heart of our products. We've got some dedicated and incredibly talented hardware and software developers which help us make the systems we design to the highest standard. We spend a lot of time developing and improving the software and also work on our cloud systems which is integrated with popular recipe systems. Read about Brewfather integration here.

The flexibility of our products is key. We use Tri Clamps as a core feature in all of our products. They offer leak free connections without the use of tools. You will quickly fall in love with these connectors and the "Lego" feeling they give you will make sure you never look back. We constantly add to our assortment of clamps and fittings.

As entrepreneurs and owners we are proud of our products and we feel incredibly privileged to be able to make products that never compromise on quality. Our bag of ideas grows faster than our choice of products. We can't wait to see what lies ahead. We love what we do.

Øyvind Stokkan (CEO and founder)

Espen Pettersen (CTO and founder)

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