V02.01.06 (dev) code: 37318216

  • Fixed: Minor fixes related to recipe mode and temperature conversion. Mainly relevant for Cloud users.

V02.01.03 (dev) code: 10611392

  • Changed: Added MCU ID for debugging purposes on Advanced settings tab. Changed how system send MCU ID to cloud.

  • Changed: Minor GUI changes for displaying remaining time during remote control session.

  • Fixed: Loss of temperature sensor caused heater to switch off instantly. Added a 20 sec delay to make it more robust for intermittent failing sensors.

V02.01.00 (dev)

  • Added: Cloud service connectivity features:

    • Remote Control in Manual mode, Recipe mode and Delayed start.

    • View cloud recipes on device.

    • View Brewfather recipes on device.

    • Copy local recipes to cloud.

    • Auto Resume after power loss.

  • Added: Advanced network settings, allowing static IP.

  • Added: Temperature offset on Mash sensor.

  • Changed: Wi-Fi connection stability improved.

  • Fixed: Delayed start timer returning to home screen introduced in V01.09.01.

  • Fixed: Translations improvements.

Note that the features related to cloud services are still under continuous development and might not fully work as intended. Changes and improvements will be carried out on the web backend side and normally not require the controller to be updated.

V01.09.01 (beta)

  • Fixed: Safety function to detect dry kettle, introduced in V01.09.00, has been improved to avoid false detections.

  • Fixed: Auto selection of selected sensor based on pump speed changes has been corrected. The bug was introduced in V01.09.00 and caused the auto select function to work opposite in case were selected sensor was overridden.

  • Changed: System now automatically turns on heating and pump after pop-up has been confirmed to enhance user experience. Previously the user had to press the ON button one more time after the pop-up was confirmed.

V01.09.00 (beta)

  • Added: Scanning for Wi-Fi networks.

  • Added: Wi-Fi connection symbol in upper right-hand corner.

  • Added: Monitoring of selected sensor to inform user in cases where an abnormal situation occurs.

    • If pump sensor is selected and pump sensor fails.

    • If pump sensor is selected, heater is on and pump is off longer than 5 sec.

    • If pump sensor is selected, heater is on and tank sensor gets 5°C higher than pump sensor longer than 60 sec.

  • Added: You can now jump to a specific step in recipe using a new menu.

  • Changed: Check for firmware updates while brew controller is running, not only at startup.

  • Changed: Updated the error messages for downloading OTA updates.

  • Changed: Sensor error handling improved. System allows to continue using pump sensor if the tank sensor fails.

  • Changed: New default PID values (from 46.6, 0.12, 0 to 100, 0.2, 1000)

  • Fixed: Make SSIDs with commas work.

  • Fixed: Show decimal number in recipe mode.

  • Fixed: Sensor error will not longer show as 127/128°C / 262°F.

  • Removed: Sparge water reminder when no sparge water is required.

  • Removed: Sanitizing reminder when the sanitizing time is 0 minutes.

V01.08.07 (download)

  • Changed: New background and minor GUI refreshments.

  • Changed: Sorting of hop additions reversed so that the first addition is listed on top.

  • Added: Brewfather recipe integration - Download Brewfather recipies to your controller.

  • Added: Sanitizing time added in settings.

  • Added: Strike overshoot temperature added in settings.

  • Added: Mash sensor (4th) reconnect if it drops out.

  • Changed: Updating of Wi-Fi module for improved Wi-Fi stability.

  • Changed: Minor improvements to validation of recipes.

  • Changed: Moved buttons to add recipes to top of screen.

  • Fixed: Bug related to how decimal numbers are shown in some instances.

  • Removed: Sending of data to cloud service.


  • Added: Automatic temperature control is now available during hopstand in recipe mode.

  • Added: Mash sensor (4th) reading added to secret settings.

  • Added: Text 2.4 GHz to make it clear that only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is supported.

  • Changed: Target temperature can be set as low as 10°C in manual mode.

  • Fixed: Temperature controller (PID) had errors that could cause temperature to overshoot.

    • Stop integrator from running while the heater is off.

    • Avoid sudden increase in integrator value due to multiple sensor input switching.


  • OTA update settings now supporting BETA and Development firmware download.

  • Improvements and expansion of backend system for upcoming cloud integration.

  • Cooling and 4th sensor added to recipe screen.

  • Cooling and 4th sensor GUI now supports one decimal place.

  • Heaters control improved by changing control signal period.

  • Target temperature removed when in Manual mode.

  • Hide heater controls in delayed mode before and while counting down.

  • Bugfix: 4th temperature sensor GUI text translated.


  • Telemetry logging to cloud for test.

  • Major back-end rework and updates to wifi module and networking

  • Added support for decimals in volume (gallons/liters)

  • Added support for French language

  • New default PID values (from 60, 0.023, 0 to 46.6, 0.12, 0)

  • Delayed start mode improved. Input is now [HH:MM]

  • Scrollbars added

  • Minor GUI enhancements V01.05.02

  • Fixed a issue where the system, in some cases, did not limit power in MASH mode

  • Added 80% and 90% power options for MASH mode for users with limited power available. Use with caution.

  • Various minor fixes.


  • Delayed start feature added. Use at your own risk

  • New languages: Italian, German, Spanish.

  • Heater/Pump symbols replace text

  • Various framework updates

  • Various minor GUI and notification simprovements



  • Support for US gallons using recipe mode

  • Automatic recipe validation. It is not longer possible to save and run recipes that are incomplete or with incorrect values

  • Possibility to show next boil additions by tapping on the timer for next addition

  • Confirmation pop-up for deleting recipes

  • Return temperature and timer can now be toggled by tapping the cooler button. Feature available in manual mode and during cooling in recipe mode

  • Possibility to pause timer by tap and hold timer for 2 seconds

  • Scrolling wheel for selecting time and temperature has been replaced by a numeric keypad. This will allow quicker typing of recipes and allow decimals for US gallons

  • Fixed bugs related to reaching strike temperatuere when using recipe mode

  • Fixed bugs related to temperature control after strike temperature has been reached, resulting in temperature overshoot

  • Improvements related to typing and editing text

  • Overall improvements to recipe mode


  • Recipe mode added.

  • Mash mode heating mode: For both manual and recipe mode you can now limit the max output power in settings (30-70%)

  • Popups are redesigned for more flexibility

  • Settings are redesigned to scrolling list

  • Keypad limits/validation added

  • Default fuse limit now set to 13A

  • Improved application internal architecture


  • Fahrenheit conversion bug fixed


  • Fahrenheit support added

  • Secret settings can now be accessed by holding down the settings symbol in main menu for 3 seconds

  • English is default language for new devices

  • Manual heating is now allowed even if all sensors are disconnected

  • Minor graphical changes V01.01.00

  • WiFi functionaliy added.

  • OTA updates. Log in to WiFi network. Updates will download autmatically and notify user.

  • On-screen Keyboard added. Updated Numeric keypad to reflect same design as new keyboard.

  • Added notification (beep) when target temperature is reached (Manual mode).

  • Heaters dry-run protection. Device will shut down heaters and pump if sensor 1 (tank sensor) reaches >115 degrees Celsius.

  • Minor architectural fixes


  • Settings: Buzzer renamed to Alarm

  • Settings: Alarm now selectable. 3 beeps or continous until display is touched.

  • Secret settings: Sensor offset now activated and working

  • Secret settings: Default PID values are shown when 'default' button is held down

  • Warning messages before starting heaters and pump for the first time each session for added safety

  • Updated touch input framework

  • General GUI, stability and performance improvements


  • Settings: Max current setting now enabled at 10, 13, 15 and 16 Amps

  • Settings: Heater cycle offset to prevent both relays starting at the same time

  • Settings: Display brightness can be adjusted

  • Settings: Pump sensor automatic switching threshold now user selectable from 20-70%

  • Improved architectural structures

V00.09.16 - "Freezefix"

  • Code optimization

  • Updated RTOS to latest version fixing corrupted memory causing the unit to freeze

  • Improved onboard diagnostic LED algorithm V00.09.12

  • Improved pump control


  • When current temperature exceeds 100.0 degrees, it now shows without decimals to better fit the display - Improved heater control cycle for future asynchronous operation.


  • Initial beta release

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