Heating elements

How do I avoid burning the heating elements?

Make sure the heating elements are always covered with liquid. If you do a manual step mash, use the «mash mode » to limit the power output on the heating elements.

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Control system

Some grain types like wheat and flaked oats might increase the risk of burning the heating elements.

Grains crushed too fine or too fast will increase the amount of fine dust that increases the likelyhood og scorching the heating elements.

The heating elements are touching the edge of the tank. Is this normal?

No, there is normally a 10-20mm space between the tank wall and the heating elements. If you’ve run the heaters dry, they might have expanded, and the heating elements become more difficult to clean. The minimum distance is 5mm. If the heaters are touching the wall, the main tank might become discolored.

How to adjust the heating elements

The heating elements can axpand if turned on without beeing submerced. When the heating element expands, the distance to the tank wall decreases which makes it harder to clean proporly. To adjust the heating element, use a water pump plier. Wrap the jaw with tape to avoide scratching the heating elements. Tighten each curve of the heating element; 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 and so on. We recommend to start off easy and increase tension for each round until the heating element has a perfect curve. If using too much force, the result can be that the curving gets too tight and will cause conflict with the malt pipe. Adjusting back again is not easy.

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