We regularly update the software for our control system to add new functions and features. The update is now done via WiFi (from version 1.01.00)

When a new version is available, your system will automatically download the update and let you know when it's ready to install. The Micro-SD card must be installed in the system as temporary storage for OTA updates The system ships with the MicroSD card pre-installed.

Update options

From version V01.07.01 it is possible to select Standard or Beta updates. If beta is chosen, you will get access to the very latest version with an increased risk of minor bugs. This option is suitable for those who want access to the latest functions and would like to help contribute with feedback so that we can make the software even better.

If you want well-tested functions and are concerned with stability, standard is recommended. Then you get well-tested software with minimal chances of bugs.

There is also a Dev. option. This option requires a code and is used for development testing and other special cases. If you experience having downloaded and installed a version with errors, you can choose Dev. and enter the code 11111111. Then the latest Standard update will be downloaded. This way, you can be sure that you can use the system without errors. Just remember to set the choice back to Standard or Beta afterwards so that you are guaranteed to get future updates.

How to update manually without WiFi

  • Get an empty MicroSD card, formatted as FAT32

  • Create a folder called "UPDATE" in the root of the MicroSD card

  • Copy the *.bin file to the "UPDATE" folder (remove other files in folder)

  • Turn the system off, and insert the MicroSD card into the slot on the control box

  • Turn on the system, and wait for the update to complete.

ERROR codes

If you get the error message "ERROR", the system has problems with updating. The code displayed will indicate what type of problem it has.

ERROR 01 - microSD card not installed or corrupt: Ensure the microSD card is installed on the back of the controller. If that does not help, try re-formatting the microSD card as FAT32. If that does not help, try another microSD with FAT32.

ERROR 02 - Downloaded file is invalid: Restart the system and try to download once more.


Below you can download the latest version of the firmware

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